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May 22, 2012 12:45 PM

bachelorette dinner

i'm planning my sister's bachelorette in calgary and need some help she isn't a big drinker so the club/bar route is out(thank god) but loves food so i'm looking for a fun restaurant in the vein of joe beef/liverpool house (i live in montreal) where we can dress up and eat delicious food and still get her reasonably wasted! we'll be 10-15, there's no real budget and no one is picky.
someone had suggested model milk but i want to have a lot of options.

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  1. Model Milk is great. I'd suggest Vin Room and maybe Ox & Angela (great appetizers, mediocre mains in my experience... huge drink list... made a reservation for the bar and it should be good)

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      On my last trip to Ox & Angela I was disappointed to find the cocktail menu whittled down to less than 10 offerings - the server said that, based on customer demand, they decided to reduce the number of offerings to the most popular ones in order to speed up bar service. It is really too bad, as the first few times I had gone O&A's drink list was the highlight of my visit.

    2. You could look into something like Charcut as well, although definately more foody than bar-like.

      Another great spot on 17th Avenue is Brava Bistro. Or if you would consider Kensington how about the Brasserie.

      Some more idea's anyways. My experiences at Ox & Angela have been mixed, Model Milk is a good suggestion.