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May 22, 2012 12:23 PM

Coming back to Montreal after 3 years of Dutchness...

OK folks, I'll be happening to be in Montreal with some family for a short 24-h layover (en route from Toronto to Quebec City), and I'd like to do it Anthony Bourdain style.

I lived in Montreal for 6 years as a graduate student (2003-2009), and for the last three I've been food deprived in The Netherlands, with the occasional splurge going anywhere else in Europe where people know how to eat.

I'd like to get some recommendations of places we shouldn't miss; we will have a Friday lunch, dinner and Saturday brunch to take care of in town.

For lunch, we're thinking either poutine (we loved Ma'am Bolduc), and I'm curious about the Grumman78 stand at the Faubourg; the latter also has the advantage of falling back to good ole' Bangkok as well.

We're looking to get a spot at APDC (which for one reason or another we have never visited before) for Friday dinner.

For saturday Brunch, we were curious to try Lawrence. We were huge fans of the brunch at Bouchonne back when they were still at the original small location at Fairmount; it went downhill since they moved to the bigger location at St-Laurent. We also liked Sparrow and Le Cartet in Old Montreal.

Are there any other places you think I should consider?


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  1. Just in case you weren't aware... if you liked Sparrow's brunch a few years back, you'll certainly like Lawrence, since the folks who used to do the brunch (and lunch) at the Sparrow are now running Lawrence, so their brunch is the same as the old Sparrow brunch. :-) They post the menu on their Twitter account so you can check it out.!/lawrencefood

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      Oh, that makes a lot of sense; the menu looked quite familiar indeed! :-)

    2. You mean the FEBO automat is not doing it for you? Your choices sound very good already. You might enjoy Kazu if you can time your visit to avoid lineups. Bouchonne was great so if tapa-like meals are your style, maybe Pintxo? Reservoir at lunch is very nice too.

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        You got me exactly right there... :-) Kazu sounds interesting as well, I'll keep it in mind. Pintxo was a good experience for lunch as well, I tried that one before leaving. Reservoir was also a good lunch/brunch option, indeed. I can't express how jealous I am of remembering all those options... Here I could only whitelist 3 restaurants in the whole city (Eindhoven); most of the other ones are never to be visited again. Worst of it all, many places had good reviews on Dutch resto review sites!

        Thanks for the options!

        1. re: dockingman

          But there are some great things to eat in Holland, like smoked eel, nieuwe haring, cheese, more cheese and Indonesian food. Nonya is a nice Indonesian place here, not Dutch-Indo, and a bit upscale should that craving overtake you. Good luck with APDC, maybe an early or late reservation will do the trick. Le Filet might be a good pick - I hear it's really good.

          1. re: Plateaumaman

            You are right, there are some good things here; besides the ones you mention, the belgian-cut, double-fried fries with an assortment of sauces can't be beaten and can be found anywhere; the kibbeling (battered cod) on the markets is delicious, and the stroopwafels are nice. However, the extreme practicality of Dutch people when it comes to food (e.g., eating plain ham *or* cheese sandwiches on sliced bread for lunch every day) at some point is too much.

            Le Filet sounds like a delicious option indeed, I'm really piqued by it!

            Thanks again for your suggestions!

            1. re: dockingman

              You might enjoy this website,

              A few other ideas to try, SAT Foodlab and Le Comptoir charcuteries et vin, maybe? I haven't tried either yet but I hear the Foodlab is great.

              1. re: Plateaumaman

                Loved SDPL, I can vouch for it! :-) The SAT Foodlab sounds cool, but it will be over before we get to Mtl. We'll be there on June 15. Le Comptoir sounds interesting as well, added to the list!

      2. I went to Grumman78 today and was disappointed as it cost me $12.65 for one curry lamb taco and one dixiecup size cheesecake. I have enjoyed their tacos at festivals as outdoors and not much choice on those sites. This taco was messy to eat and the cheesecake way too sweet for my taste. I was surprised there were no other customers at their kiosk from noon and Bangok was quite busy.....I dont think it is worth going out of your way to have lunch there.

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        1. re: mangoannie

          Thanks for the report, I'll keep it in mind. Which taco places are good these days? I remember La Matraca on St-Denis was pretty good and authentic, is it still good? What about the one by the J-T market, El Rey del Taco or something like that?