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Anyone seen fresh fiddleheads in Calgary?

'Tis the season, isn't it? I don't know if they make it this far west.

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  1. Don't know about Calgary, but they had them at Superstore in Edmonton last week.

    1. Kingsland Farmers Market. I saw them in a few booths. Oh and I think I saw them at Planet Organic South too.

      1. Superstore Shawnessy, bought some on the weekend. Prepackaged, 5 bucks for about 8 ounces I think. From BC, not out East. Very good!

        1. Bought some at Sunterra Keystone. I'm guessing the other ones have them as well.

          1. The Oakridge Coop store has been selling them for a couple of weeks.

            1. I saw them at the Strathcona Sobeys today.

              1. I've seen them at Midtown Co-op for a couple weeks.

                1. Cherry Pit @ CFM has them. $7.99, I believe.

                  1. I bought some BC ones at chongo's last weekend at the crossroads market.

                    1. West Springs Co-op has some as of May 23rd.

                      1. Costco at Deerfoot Meadows, $7.99 for a pound pack.

                        1. Yes, absolutely, my mother picked up a big bunch early this week. I THINK she got them at Co-op in Crowfoot, but it could have been Superstore.

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                            I did see them at Coop in Crowfoot last weekend.

                          2. Amaranth Whole Foods Store should carry them.