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May 22, 2012 12:03 PM

Venezuelan Food

I heard a rumor that there were Venezuelan restaurants in the Bay Area (specifically the East Bay). Is it true? I'm located in the South Bay but am willing to travel for good home cooking. Thanks for any leads!

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    1. There used to be a 'Cafe Caracas' in Berkeley that closed years ago. I rather liked it.

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          In the mall on University where Andronico's was, where Taqueria Monte Cristo is now.

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            Yes, the Taqueria Monte Cristo now inhabits it's former location at 1446 University. The female bare-breasted mural on the wall was from the Cafe Caracas era. They had pabellon criollos, pericos, Cuban sandwiches, pizzetas and occasionally hallacas.They usually also had a sancocho/mondongo type soup in a large glass bowl. It only lasted a few years.

      1. There are Venezuelan arepas and other cuisine at Mi Rancho in Sunnyvale, in the Smart and Final shopping center on the corner of Fremont and Mary. Since you're in Mountain View that will be way closer than East Bay! I'm no expert on Venezuelan food but I find it very tasty. If you try it please report back!


        1. we enjoyed the food at Pica Pica in the Oxbow Market in the city of Napa. have no idea how 'authentic' it might be. "home cooking" isn't the first thing that comes to mind with most of the eateries in that market hall ; the food at Pica Pica was a bit more refined, not as heavy as the typical tacquerias in the Mission or Fruitvale.

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            I can't speak to it's authenticity, but the shredded skirt steak arepa I got from Pica Pica at their booth at the Maker Faire last Sunday was delicious. I haven't been to their other restaurant at 401 Valencia, but would stop by if I was in the neighborhood.

          2. Other than Pica Pica, I haven't heard of any other Venezuelan places. The chef at Mr. Pollo is from Venezuela but he's not offering a traditional Venezuelan menu.

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                Does Mr. Pollo still sell arepas to go? The last time I asked he couldn't make me any, and I was unsure if that's a general thing or he was just too busy.

                The rest of their menu is fine, but the yuca fries at Pica Pica are merit worthy. I've tried fried yuca at several places in the Bay Area (mostly Peruvian), and theirs is the best by a long shot.