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May 22, 2012 11:53 AM

Food Lovers 3 day stay in San Fran with a 3 year old needs some recs

My wife and I are staying in San Fran with our 3 year old daughter. We love to eat good food. We are staying at the St. Regis and not overly concerned about distance or cost. We just need to stay with places that don't crazy with a child. We have been told The House (Dinner), Canteen (Sunday Brunch) Swan Oyster Bar (Lunch). We are open at all styles of food. Thanks in advance.

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  1. we also have a 3 year old and have been to all sorts of restaurants with her, not a big deal. The Espetus Churrascaria on Market St did not charge us for her at lunch, and the hot buffet table offered a lot of good choices. She was entertained by the idea that she could make people come or not come to our table with the green/red thing.

    House of Prime Ribs on Van Ness is a total zoo but it's good for kids. The steaks are good, salad is decent, price is good for what you get. I think Harris Ranch has better steaks, and it's just up a few blocks, also good for kids.

    in Daly City, Koi Palace is good solid Chinese restaurant, they do nice fancy dishes and their menu is extensive, a bustling beehive. Ferry Building has Hog Island Oyster Bar, I highly recommend. Their clams are phenomenal, mussels are close to the flavors of the mussels I had in Belgium.

    a Turkish Place near Civic Center I really want to try - A La Turca on Geary St, go there for lunch would be a better idea than for dinner.

    A Senegalese place called Bissab Baobao (also a club called LIttle Baobao, both serve food) - i used to frequent its sister branch called Taxi Brusse in Berkeley before the place closed down. I like their dibi lamb and their ginger ice cold drink a lot.

    Have fun in SF!