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May 22, 2012 11:43 AM

bacon worries!

Have some bacon curing on its 7th day about an inch thick maybe a little more.

Its not firming up too much yet and i used the ruhlman recipe for 5 pounds and split the cure for each peice and put in seperate bags.

Feels a little squishy still.. should i leave it longer?

I used pink salt from the spicehouse online.. perhaps my cure didnt work?

anyway to fix this?


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  1. Have you tried tweeting or contact Michael Ruhlman on his website? He is great about responding to questions. I believe I saw a tweet the other day about squishy bacon & he said it was normal. It's not supposed to be firm like salmon.

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    1. re: jcattles

      i have not.... but i also have no liquid or a curing brine in my ziploc...just the salt.

      not sure if i just bungled the recipe somehow.

      gonna check out the blog thanks!

    2. I doubt you bungled the recipe. The cure mixture will have penetrated the pork belly.
      I feel the expectation for firmness is a little early.
      There's the drying step and the smoking step where the pork belly will firm up.

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      1. re: dave_c

        From personal experience, I think Dave_c is right: The cure is working, the pork may just be squishy! If the belly has been frozen then thawed at any point, the texture will be different (when raw) than a 100% fresh belly. Even then, some layers of Fat are more yielding than others. I even find that the firmer the belly, the LESS smoke penetration I get! Even a lightly smoked mildly cured bacon is better than no bacon at all!

      2. it maybe also pork quality, i have 2 different bellies is stages of curing, one I bought at the asian supermarket and the other is from a heritage breed pig. the Asian supermarket one, loss water but still squishy but the heritage breed one is getting stiff. I think it has somethign to do with the water content of the pork. Nothing is wrong with it and will still have awesome bacon...assuming you dont mess up the smoking/cookin process!