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May 22, 2012 11:38 AM

Charchaels Closes, License 2 Opens in Thornwood

I liked the wings,dogs and family vibe at Charchaels in Thornwood. We stopped by this weekend only to find a new restaurant in its place. License 2 is offering much the same menu (wings, dogs, burgers), maybe at a slightly higher price point (but still inexpensive). The restaurants itself is a storefront with a counter looking out the window and 4-5 tables.

My son and I split an order of fries and hot Buffalo wings, extra crispy. The fries came first, nice and hot, perfectly fried but they used coated fries. It would be great if someone in the area would serve twice fried fries but that notwithstanding, we'd have preferred fresh cut fries.

The wings ($8 for 12) were perfectly cooked, generously sized and the sauce was assertively hot if not overly complex. I'd guess they're using a bottled blue cheese, in any case, it was very good. No carrots but they did give us some fresh cut celery. They also have a sandwich menu and I was intrigued that their meat comes from a specific deli in the bronx. I see a cheese steak sandwich in my future.

The new owner seems nice, a good staff of kids, still a good place to take a family if you're in the area.

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  1. I wonder if this change of hands also affects the Charchaels' truck usually located at corner of rts 100 and 134.

    1. Bummer. I liked that place, but always did wonder how they stayed in business.

      1. I took over License 2 Grill almost one year ago and am proud to say we have switched over to hand cut fries! Not only have we decided to eliminate frozen foods, we have added many additional fresh items including dressings all made from scratch, empanadas, smoothies, hand breaded onion rings and hand cut potato & sweet potato chips! We have options for any diet, an updated kids menu as well as desserts like our infamous Nutella Mousse. Come on down and meet us-taste our love!

        1. Erica, there's another post here about your creative empanadas, looking forward to stopping by!