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May 22, 2012 11:31 AM

Sheila's BBQ and seafood is still open, just moved.

Hey. I was worried Sheila's had closed for good. But found out they just moved north on Dixie to Dixie and Southern in WPB. They're on the SW corner. It's a cute little place and the food is still as awesome. Had some conch salad and fried conch the other day. Was great. Hope everybody finds them.

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  1. SW corner facing Dixie or Southern? This sounds like the old C&C BBQ location from years past if facing Southern. Their Facebook page needs updating.

    1. fd.It's facing Southern... Yes it is where the BBQ place was, and then a wing joint.... Hopefully Sheila's will have better luck at that location. Wasn't there a catering business there at one time?

      1. Has anyone been the Sheila's since they moved besides ChowShoe? It's been off the Chowhound radar for some reason. I know exactly where there are located from what Melly said.

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          I don't know how long they'll be open. Every time I'm there it's empty. I think that location blows. It's too bad 'cause the conch salad is awesome. Hope people start finding it!!

          1. re: ChowShoe

            i was a regular customer when she was in lake worth, 2 trips to the new place and shrimp were extremely salty and conch fritters had no conch in them like eating hush puppies, im done

            1. re: ChowShoe

              I grew up in that neighborhood and still drive by that location pretty frequently, I felt bad for her as soon as it opened, nothing survives for long there. Jon's Subs does fine across the street but he has the entire corner.

          2. I hate to see it happen, But they tried to "upgrade" to a better place, but it isn't a better place. I'm afraid they will go under soon. Such a shame. They had great food

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              Ate there 2 other times also...both times a disappointment...its a shame, they had Great BBQ, and AMAZING conch salad