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May 22, 2012 11:12 AM

Tung Hing Bakery (great banh mi's, etc) on Kingsway

To my shock (while googling their tel #), they are part of a chain based in TO. Now has a website too:

My son is addicted to their deluxe hot dog bun (sliced weiners, green onions on top of a beavertail-shaped baked bun for $1.15) and I'm addicted to their banh mis.

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  1. It looks like they updated their website - I remember finding out the same you did (Google). Yeah - they are a chain from TO (Hamilton maybe). Still good despite that!

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      I remember back in my University days when a house special banh mi on Spadina Ave was 75 c. Two for $1.50 was lunch. Kingsway Tung Hing remains my go-to place for banh mi in Vancity, I just hope they stay under $4 a piece...

    2. In addition to their banh mi, I really love their custard buns. When fresh from the oven (which is often), they have a warm oozy coconut custard inside the light fluffy freshly baked bun. Delicious!

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          I'm going to have to try them! Fmed, have you tried the butter buns at Snowbear by the way?

      1. Has anyone been to Tung Hing recently? I went a couple nights ago around 6:30pm to grab a banh mi and it wasn't as good as usual. The bread was really different - not warm or fresh (although I guess it was late in the day), and not as crusty as usual. It was soft, dense, and cold. Was it just because I went too late in the day?

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          Oh noes! I hope it's just because it was late in the day... I had some maybe a month ago? It was good as usual...although I tried this place in Surrey called Banh Mi Tay Do and really enjoyed it. Different from Tung Hing. Makes it worth the trip if you combine it with a trip to Taste Nice Caribbean. I tried their Thit Nguoi, Beef Sate and Pork Meatball versions. Tasted good, didn't give me the runs. Also got great banh beo and other stuff. Guess the beer for bonus points. Wow, way to threadjack.

          1. re: flowbee

            Scratch what I said about Banh Mi Tay Do in Surrey. On our second visit, it totally disappointed. Not as good as we remember it being. Weak fish sauce in the banh beo, bread's not as good as Tung Hing, totally lacking enough pickled radish in the banh mi...sigh.

          2. re: twinkienic

            I was in Tung Hing recently around 2PM and had the best banh mi ever, with oven fresh, warm and crusty bread. It was so good I got right back in line to order a second one. They were quite busy but when I finally got my second sandwich, the bread was nowhere near half as fresh as the first sandwich. I suspect they are not practicing the first-in first-out principle for rotating their bread and my second sandwich was likely made from bread baked much earlier in the day. It could be just luck of the draw what you receive at any given time.

            1. re: twinkienic

              I would say its because you were there at the end of the day. Any time I've been, even 3 or 4 in the afternoon, the bread is fresh and tasty, usually recently out of the oven. Hands down one of my favourite Banh Mi places.

              1. re: vancityfoody

                it's possible, i was there late just stopped in before dinner at Hai Phong. And it was still good. I havent tried the custard or butter bun, but generally only stick with the Banh Mie and its bread. Coincidentally, stopped at Kim Chau a few days later in the early afternoon. Daughter G, served it up, beef satay banh mie. Pretty decent. Perhaps didnt help that I just finish eating at My Chau prior.
                If I could be objective, I still prefer the bread at Tung Hing. Although I like the idea of satay beef banh mi, the fact that they used cold pre-cooked beef just didnt resonate that well with me.
                BTW should mention that this is all under $3.50, regardless of what I said. They are a killer deal. insert Fmed's post:

                1. re: betterthanbourdain

                  BTW, go to Bon Cafe (SW corner of Main/33rd) and get one of their grilled pork banh mi. Killer good:


                  $3.99 for a huge sandwich. Pork is grilled nice & hot, the juices meld with the mayo butter and drips down the baguette and onto your lap as you eat it. The cold daikon, carrot and cilantro balance out the savouries.


            2. I realized I happened to just move around the corner from Tung Hing. First I had the cassava cake, my first one..and it was awesome--not too sweet and only a buck. I then had a vegetarian bahn mi, as I am a vegetarian. The bread was quite good and the fillings were pretty good but for some reason it wasn't that satisfying; I guess you need pate and roasted pork for that..I'll stick to their sweets.