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May 22, 2012 11:11 AM

Food-related volunteering [Toronto]

Hi All,

I've recently moved to Toronto from London, where I used to volunteer for a charity that ran a meal delivery service for people wil HIV- and AIDS-related illnesses. I alternated between being a kitchen assistant and being a shift supervisor. It was an enjoyable and worthwhile thing to do, and was a good way of meeting new people. This last one is especially important to me now that I'm in a new city, so I was looking for something similar in Toronto.

Do any of you 'hounds volunteer anywhere like this? I searched "volunteer" and "soup kitchen" on this board but didn't come up with much. I found a program called Out of the Cold, but that's not til winter, and a scheme where you cook up a tray of casserole and drop it off to be combined with matching trays, but that lacks the social aspect. Lots of them are on weekdays during working hours, which is impossible. Ideally I'd prefer something secular, and something local to the Beach, but could travel along Queen or Danforth.

Thanks for your help! :)

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      1. Consider the "Cooking with Soul" program at Beach United. Usually some instruction around an interesting ingredient or dish that is prepared by that Saturday morning's 10 or so participants. Enough is prepared for the group to enjoy over lunch, and also serve the next week's lunch program.

        The Out of the Cold at St Aidens has a strong social element. The team shares the tasks for meal preparation, serving, and some join the guests for dinner.

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          Cooking with soul sounds interesting. They seem to be on a break at the moment but I'll definitely check back.

          I'll look into Out of the Cold again later in the year. THanks!

        2. I believe the Scott Mission uses volunteers to help cook meals.

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            People with AIDS Foundation has a meal program that requires volunteers.

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              Thanks, that looks like a great cause! But seems to be during the day so not right for me this time.

              1. re: torontofoodiegirl

                Thanks for this, looks very promising though I'm not a lawyer!