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May 22, 2012 11:06 AM

Still lovin' Sofra

For those of you who don't get to Sofra as often as you'd like (or as often as the crowds allow), this valentine today:

A photo, a paragraph, a mezze platter.

The same again, please.

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  1. Love sofra, hate the campers and table savers. Just means we only get morning buns to go and not a complete breakfast.

    1. Another Sofra lover here - but hate the seating with a passion. Now that it's warm again, will brave the outdoor tables, they're tolerable. Would love it if the counter staff could muster up more than a sneer, but they don't keep me away either. The food is worth it, but take-out only for us!


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      1. re: gansu girl

        i don't recall ever having a problem with the staff -- the clientele, on the other hand, are truly insufferable. really the worst cambridge has to offer.

        but, like you say, the quality of the baked goods makes up for the enragement!

      2. I had a somewhat different experience at Sofra yesterday, stopped in to pick up a flatbread to go for lunch, $9.50 or so for a tiny tiny flatbread lamb schwarma, meat was chewy and tasted like a bad pot roast, with some sort of mealy 'pickled cabbage' on the sandwich that tasted like old potato salad. Very little flavor in the sandwich at all. Ate this $9+ sandwich and still needed to have a slice of cold pizza to tide me over for lunch. Also took 10+ mins to get my food at 1:30pm, not busy at all and 10+ people working in the kitchen. Not going to be rushing back, maybe I ordered wrong.

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        1. re: ColoradoXJ13


          Go get the lamb sandwich at Greek corner on MA ave. That will help get the taste out of your mouth:

          1. re: ColoradoXJ13

            I generally don't like the meat items there nearly as much as the non-meat items. I agree that it's pricey and the portions aren't very large, but if you do go back try one of the hot items, a vegetarian flatbread, or the mezze bar. You might also pick up something prepared from the bottom of the refrigerated case and heat it up at home -- that would solve the long wait problem.

            1. re: Pia

              You'll still be hungry however as it takes 6-7 of those $6 take out containers to actually make anything that qualifies as a meal for anyone other than a supermodel.

          2. They stopped making what I thought was their best savory item: spinach lamejun. I do like several of the sweets (cashew sesame bar, walnut sesame bourek and pistachio semolina flute), but overall it disappoints. I want to like it more than I do.