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May 22, 2012 09:52 AM

Rehearsal Dinner in Dec.

I'm trying to pick a place for a rehearsal dinner in Brooklyn or Manhattan this coming December. Not a particularly big party (prob. 25), but we're on a tight budget for the rehearsal dinner of about $1,000, which comes out to $40 a head. The original thought was a simple dinner in Chinatown, but some older family members were worried it would be too noisy for toasts. On the other hand, having enough privacy for toasts at our price point might just be unrealistic. Anyway, I know Brooklyn restaurants pretty well, but am not usually planning a party of this size or with these requirements, so I'm somewhat stumped and hoping you helpful chowhounders might have some clever ideas.

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  1. faced with a similar dilema we opted for chinatown. cant comment on the noise factor since our rehearsal has yet to happen, but with a group a little larger than yours 40-50 we were able to get a private room in chinatown, so noise isnt something were worried about.

    are you expecting booze to be included for the 40 bucks? (i notice your post says 'toasts")

    1. The excellent Chinese restaurant Spicy & Tasty in Flushing has a private room off to the side upstairs -- not sure if it can fit 40 people. You could feast there for $40 a head.

      1. You might want to consider Brooklyn Winery... It could be perfect. They have rooms for rent and reasonable prices. I think it would be worth it to call and ask!