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May 22, 2012 09:51 AM

In search of a 2 quart sauce pot

Please help me find ia 2 quart sauce pot (ie with 2 looped handles) of All-clad or higher quality, only USA or European made. Prefer pouring spout or edge since I will be using this to pour milk, etc everyday.

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  1. Fissler (of Germany) makes very nice cookware. One of their stew pots might do the job for you.
    If you follow the link below and click on the "DETAILS" tab, you will see that a 2-liter size is available.

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    1. re: tanuki soup

      Tanuki soup,

      Thanks for the recommendation. This line looks great and is one I hadn't considered before. I will keep this brand in mind since i like some of their features like the pouring edge and the volume measures in the pot.
      Unfortunately I cannot find the Original Pro Stew pot in the 2L/ 2qt size anywhere online. Looks like that style pot is not popular in the smaller volumes for sale in the US.

      1. re: Curious_foodie

        Bummer. Although it might be a bit bigger than what you are looking for, Amazon does sell the 2.6-liter (2.8-quart size). Good luck!

    2. Hi,

      I have seen several small 'stockpots' show up on ebay that are copper with two handles and fall into the 2 Qt range. The trouble is, they never list 2Qt in the title. It's almost as if the seller is trying to trick the buyer by calling is a stock pot and only listing the dimensions, leaving you to calculate the volume.

      I know you said two quart, but if you are willing to bump the size up a little, this is one of my very favorite pans (Falk 3 Qt Stew Pan):

      Falk apparently makes this same pan in a 2 Qt--it is listed on the Belgian site--but I've not seen it for sale in the US. You could contact the distributor--Michael at see if he could get one.

      1. has Demeyere Atlantis 2.3 qt casserole (saucepot). It is expensive.

          1. Another possibility is a 2-quart Silit Silargan high casserole. Also made in Germany, also not cheap. Both of my Silit pieces have a pouring lip, so I would expect this casserole to have one as well. I would also expect the ceramic interior to be gloss black like mine.