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Cott Black Cherry Soda

DH seems to be obsessed with this soda since our last trip to Montreal.
We bought a few cases at the grocery store before heading back to Toronto, but alas the last of our supply is now finished.

Does anyone know where to buy this in Toronto?
I know they do serve it at Caplansky's, but when we asked the waitress if she knew where they got it from she had no idea.

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  1. Not quite dead-on, but The Pop Shoppe does a very credible black cherry soda, and unlike Cott, they have an online search function to find retailers near you.


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        Thank you. Actually I DID use the search function on the site and nothing came up.
        And that thread is from 2003, so I'm not quite sure how accurate that info would be 9 years later.
        Even the PC one that was suggested as an alternative has been discontinued.

      2. I ordered mine from mrcase.com. I also order Eska sparkling water from there (my favourite brand).

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          Mr. Case has case of 12 cans of Cott Black Cherry for $5.44.

        2. boylan's black cherry is also quite good.

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            i'm not sure what the store is, maybe a hasty market or something, but the one on the southwest corner at gerard and jarvis sells 2L bottles for like, a buck fifty or something. it's available a few other places but i'm blanking right now

          2. They have a plant in Mississauga I believe and there is a toll-free number on their website for consumer inquiries.

            1. Zimmerman's in Kensington sells it by the 2L bottle with a bunch of other flavours. I think it's $2 for 2L. Also, please keep in mind that Zimmermans is the old fashioned hodge podge store accross the street from the other grocerty store(Freshmart I think).

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                Really? We were just there this past holiday Monday, and we went into the Freshmart to get some bottled water. Should have gone across the street!

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                  I know. So random. But the necter of the gods is there. Next time!

                1. Fiesta Farms on Christie sells the 2 litre bottles. Yum Yum!