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May 22, 2012 09:30 AM

ISO Japanese Curry Bread / Kare Pan in Vancouver

Has anybody come across these little bundles of delicious weight gain in Vancouver? Japanese curry tucked inside a doughnut like pastry and lightly panko crusted and deep fried? Desperately craving some right now.

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  1. It's a long shot, but a Japanese grocery like Izumiya in Richmond might have them...have you tried there?

    But not a lot of bakeries (big and small) seem to make that kind of bun crusted on the outside with panko (from what I've seen anyway). The closest I've come to that is a panko-crusted sausage bun at Kam Do across Richmond Centre.

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      Thanks. I'll try to find them next time I'm in Richmond.

    2. Sounds delicious, if you find some, let us know.

      I have had fried "breads" with curry beef filling inside, I think they were from either Chinese or Vietnamese bakeries. At the moment I know for sure Tung Hing Bakery on Kingsway has fried breads, one with chives & pork, another with banana. They are triangular in shape, about $1 each.

      To my shock, they are part of a chain from GTA with their own website now: