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New BBQ coming to Red Bank/Middletown

Just saw a coupon thumbing through the "Community Coupons" book in today's mail:

Pit Boss Pure Barbecue
283 Route 35 North (next to Trezza's Liquors)



From the coupon:
Ribs - Pulled Pork - Brisket - Pastrami
Opening Soon... Call for Date

A call went unanswered but their Facebook page says early June.

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  1. Hopefully at some point they will post an actual menu on their site...

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    1. re: equal_Mark

      Mark, you can view them on their Facebook page, although no mention of their pastrami..

    2. Wait, is this the old Cibo's location?

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      1. re: HillJ

        According to Google the location appears to be just north of the Foodtown on Maple Ave.

        1. re: equal_Mark

          It's in Middletown . Same building as cibo , Just 2 doors to the right

        2. re: HillJ

          CIBO was listed in an earlier post here as 287 RT 35. So, a door or two away.

          1. re: jfedorko

            My thanks to both of you. I was experiencing my typical highway 35 strip mall confusion! Joint looks promising so I appreciate the heads up.

            1. re: HillJ

              I just talked to them today, June 6th. They are opening "mid next week" they told me. I can't wait to try it out. It's good to see some BBQ places popping up in Monmouth county. Try Local Smoke in Neptune...great ribs! Pit boss will be a lot closer to me so I hope this place is legit.

        3. Is this where the Philippine place used to be?

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            Wasn't the Philippine place inside the strip next door; one strip mall over. I remember enjoying two separate meals there; like eating in someone's living room and then poof they were gone...

            1. re: eleeper

              NO thats the building nextdoor . The Bayshore Tea party is there now . It used to be Trezzas Deli and Trezzas Liqours is right next door .

            2. OK, I'm not a one post guy. But I'm pretty close.

              Just got back from lunch and won't try to do a whole review. Let's just say there are very nice people in business here, and I'm rooting for them. That said, the barbecue just wasn't very good. The brisket, as stated, was sliced thin and was too heavily sauced to notice any kind of smoke ring. The pulled pork was ok. The ribs were also too heavily sauced for my liking, with just the faint touches of a smoke ring detectable. The ribs were the best part of the meal, for me. I'd like to see them served drier, and internally they need to be a bit drier as well. Fried pickles were spot on.

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              1. re: TomT

                Interesting post Tom. I just got back from CA so I have been gone for 2 weeks. I still have to get there. I wonder if they would slice it thicker if requested or do a dry rub on the ribs? Usually mom and pop places will try to cater to their fans and it seems easy enough to do.

                Anyone know what type of wood(s) they use?

                I see my last post appears to be deleted. did someone have a conniption fit over it while I was gone? LOL

                PS, 4 BBQ spots in CA and styles were ALL over the place. It just goes to show, there are a lot of ways to cook the same meat. : )

                1. re: corvette johnny

                  Well I think I am done. I went last night for the THIRD time and got shut out.

                  a) closed for "equipment installation" early on when they first opened up (monday)
                  b) They change hours and then were closed on monday (which I never knew about.)
                  c) Try again last night around 7:30 and they are closed. The lady comes outside to tell me they are having problems with the smoker. (sunday)

                  Sigh....3 trips across town to specifically go here and not one has worked.

                  Can anyone offer any encouraging reports that will make me give this place a 4th shot?

                    1. re: MarlboroMan

                      Menu is very pricey for BBQ in this area. While there still aren't a lot of options in NE Monmouth, I think the prices will scare away a lot of ppl. And if they can't keep their doors open, they will soon be closed for good. Thanks for the posts everyone - always looking for good BBQ.

                      1. re: Birder_DT

                        ....Interesting first and only post Birder_DT. Welcome to the boards.

                        Can you elaborate on what you had and offer a review?

                        1. re: corvette johnny

                          Thanks. I can't offer a review; after checking out the menu (and the prices) online we opted to go elsewhere for a dinner "on the cheap." I certainly will add a review if/when we go.

                    2. re: corvette johnny

                      I tried to go back yesterday as well. Apparently they are putting in a new floor? Well according to two other guys who were turned away at the door, anyway.

                      Took the kids to Slaters instead.

                      1. re: TomT

                        I finally got there. I will write something up when I have some time...leaving tomorrow on vacation :)

                2. Any recent reviews? The verdict sounds poor. I've been doing Local Smoke and JSBBQ and really like both.

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                    1. re: bentwrench

                      wow, local smoke should open up a second location.

                      1. re: corvette johnny

                        that would be awesome if someone good got in there . It's ashame this place food is not bad . Just poorly run and way too expensive

                        1. re: corvette johnny

                          I know Local Smoke draws from the same area as Pit Boss. I think they may even deliver there (at least catering orders)

                          1. re: corvette johnny

                            The Local Smoke Neptune City site IS their second location. Their original spot is in Cookstown near McGuire AFB.

                      2. Is BBQ Pit Boss out of business already?

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                        1. re: MiddletownB

                          Was driving by them today. They appeared to be open.

                          1. re: cantkick

                            I drove by also today They looked closed . They havent reopened since the storm