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May 22, 2012 09:20 AM

bad Balthazar

Was in Manhattan over the weekend and went to brunch on Sunday. We arrived at 11:30 and were seated. Asked the waiter to go ahead and put our drink order in where we could have bloody marys by noon. The snobby french waiter was over the top. The service was beyond slow. It was more than 45 minutes before he bothered to take our entree order. I have been to Balthazar several times before and never had such bad service. The man was indifferent to us and very condenscending. Needless to say, next trip there will be no Balthazar though the food was good and the room as usual was beautiful and buzzy!

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  1. Confused. Did the waiter take your entree order at 12:15PM or 12:45? I ask because you seemed to be agreeable to drinks arriving at around noon. So in that instance 12:15PM would seem reasonable to me. 12:45 would be really pushing it though.

    1. The waiter did not take our entree order until at least 12:30 or later. He was very unfriendly and down right snotty. He seemed to be a miserable person. Just very disappointed in the service. The manager was floating around and he had to know our service was lacking. I would have thought they would have wanted to turn the table and get others in. I had been there several time but I had invited two friends who had not been there and was hoping for a good experience.

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        Why would you accept that treatment. If the manager was floating around why not call him over to express your unhappiness. Or confront the waiter directly. Not in a mean or obnoxious way just state you are looking for more attentive timely service and if he cant provide that you will gladly move to another table or leave. I dont understand why people accept getting treated like garbage and then fork over big bucks for the meal. Please tell me you didnt tip him at least.