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May 22, 2012 09:19 AM

Roasting -vs- Grilling thermometer

Can someone please help me understand what, if any, difference there may be between these types of digital thermometers?

W.S. lists both types on their website, with a difference in price of ~ $15 between them.

Given the intent here is simply to identify a temperature, at first glance this seems like a marketing ploy.


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  1. If they're otherwise identical in function (e.g. you're not comparing an instant-read to a leave-in probe) then there's no reason for a difference in pricing.

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    1. re: ferret

      Both appear to be leave-in.

      I did notice after that the heat-ratings for the cables differ between roasting and grilling models, with 410 degrees being afforded to the former -vs- 475 for the latter.

      But still...

    2. Save your money! Not to mention the bad ratings both those thermometers received on William Sonoma's website.

      The highest rated probe thermometer according to Cook's Illustrated is the ThermoWorks Original Cooking Thermometer/Timer and it only costs $21.95.

      I have this probe thermometer and it works wonderfully and has for years after plenty of use.