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May 22, 2012 09:11 AM


In the true fashion of Chicago, a new kosher restaurant opens while another closes. As of today, Manghal Restaurant on Howard in Evanston is closed. Have you ever been there? What was your impression?

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  1. Bummer-ish. They were truly excellent when they opened but on my last 2-3 visits it seemed like they weren't making an effort. They were out of items and the food was just okay. I don't know which came first, it falling off my radar or the restaurant declining, but it wasn't nearly as good as when it first opened (I felt the same way about Taboun's California/Devon location).

    1. That is a shame - I did enjoy there food but had not been recently -

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        Someone told me that they recently stopped making their own lafa and that they ran out of pita one day! Not very good for bringing in customers.

      2. We loved going their initially, but after awhile their prices were almost as high as Shallots - might as well go to Shallot's then. The quality had also been steadily declining. Can't say I will miss it terribly.