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is there an equivalent TRAVEL site like CHOWHOUND (we need a "TRAVEL-HOUND" site)

food often goes with travel and vice versa --- i know for one that there are many out-of-towners asking about places to eat etc in my home discussion board.

i notice that the posters often ask for travel advice too -- so is there an equivalent site?

i don't think it matters when replies are peppered with input as to what else to see/do in the neighborhood etc - but it would be interesting if there was a "Travel Hound" site too

thank you

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  1. Lonely Planet's Thorntree Forum, for one.

      1. re: carolinadawg

        Sadly, not equivalent, TA is full of scammers, phony reviews and takes no actions against even the most egregious. CH tends to content reliability and quality in a very assiduous way and maintains a site with high integrity.

        1. re: mcf

          Equivaient in that people post reviews. The quality and veracity of those reviews, on all such sites, is always subject to question.

          1. re: carolinadawg

            Not here so much, if at all. But at TA, most of them are suspect. Not equivalent because here there is very careful policing of commercial and proprietor posts with cooperation between mods and the community. TA has loose guidelines about that and doesn't even reinforce those.

            1. re: mcf

              I'm not just talking about shills or spam, but the actual quality of the information. Not all posts on CH are high quality.

              1. re: carolinadawg

                "Not all posts on CH are high quality."

                Quality, like beauty or taste is in the eye (or mouth) of the beholder...Veracity on the other hand is quantifiable (and where it's lacking) is highly degrading to this (and every other) site in which many of us here are trying to get some sense of a place (or food) before we go and try it out.

                1. re: carolinadawg

                  I haven't rated every single post here, only the quality of the site and how well suited it is to its mission. TA is not CH is. And quality is such a subjective thing in cases like this. I'll settle for integrity of the process and then we each pick which posts suit our needs most. It's not as if there's an entrance exam. ;-)

          1. also suggest Fodor's forums

            1. Virtualtourist.com and frommers.com both have active community boards

              1. Fodor's has millions of "please critique my itinerary" threads but has some interesting discussions too. Right now there's an argument over why there should be more American-style restaurants in Europe. :>)

                1. Id say Fodors is the best in this connection especially with regard to itinerary planning, and trip reports, but Im not sure there is any place that combines this with reviews and commentary that show much connoisseurship, like Chowhound can on the food side.

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                    If it's India you're interested there's no better resource than Indiamike.com
                    Thorntree has some really good advisors in some of the forums but also lots of backpackers with attitude.

                    1. re: hal2010

                      I used Indiamike extensively when I was planning my India trip - its a great forum, with better coverage than Fodors for example - but at least when I participated, it wasnt a great source of info on eating for people seriously interested in food, Also, by and large its not geared for travelers who want to travel in relative comfort and style. India is a huge fascinating country and I just wish there were better travel resources for it.

                  2. Do you have a particular mode of transportation in mind?

                    Just to take your area, BC, as an example. There's Clubtread for hiking and backpacking advise. There's the Canada/Alaska section of RV.net for driving and camping options, especially in a big RV. I've looked at kayaking forums. Others will focus on the cities, or airline travel.

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                    1. re: paulj

                      well, it would be mainly North America esp the western side of our continent. And as far as planes, trains, automobiles --- yes - all modes --- but never (well, never say never, i know) a cruise ship. Even if i won a trip on a cruise, i'd probably not use it. I know they are popular, but not for me.

                      thank you for all your insights

                      1. I'd take a look at www.slowtalk.com -- the forum site for www.slowtrav.com -- just in spirit...

                        TA forums (not the reviews, the forums) vary pretty wildly -- the discussions range from the rank n00b to well-seasoned travelers, but the discussions (again, not the reviews) tend toward to pretty good.

                        I take all reviews on all sites with a healthy kilo or two of salt...for all the reasons mentioned.

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                          1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                            I've been enjoying reading "slowly" thru the Slow Travel website. Thank you for sharing it, sunshine.