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May 22, 2012 08:46 AM

Keeping bottles labels on the bottle?

Is there any way to coat a bottle's label, so that the bottle can be reused without losing it label? and maybe dishwasher safe? and be safe for reuse?

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  1. Well, maybe a lick of varnish or laquer will help a bit, but dishwasher proof? I doubt it.

    Are you talking wine bottles here? Your guests may notice that the "Latour '82" tastes a bit odd, and has a shiny label :)

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    1. re: Robin Joy

      lol, that's not the intention at all. The goal is to make glasses from old bottles.

      1. re: boredominc

        Neat! Maybe you could post some pictures in due course?

        1. re: boredominc

          Years ago, in my younger foolish days, I was stationed in the Navy overseas in the Phillippines. The local beer (not exported) had painted labels on the bottles and were often cut and turned into short-stemmed tumbler glasses. Paper label bottles never fared as well, even with sealing the labels. Although, I'd sure like to know the kind of glue they use to put them on with because when you WANT to remove them, it takes alot! Go figger!

      2. Hi, boredominc:

        You're asking a lot in subjecting it to the DW. My guess is that a heavy clear vinyl overlay (extending beyond the label a ways) would do for a few DW cycles, perhaps many hand washes, depending on the adhesive. It works for bottles made into lamps.


        1. I don't think it is feasible, especially if you want to use DW. What about removing the labels, then making them into coasters to use with the wine bottle glasses?