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May 22, 2012 08:26 AM

More Pizza: Ninos on Charles St. Beacon Hill

Wow. Haven't set foot in this long-time Charles St fixture in 20 years. Still dingy and dark. The pizza, surprisingly is quite good, along the lines of a tradition NY slice. Nice heft to the crust, a balanced sauce, and a decent cheese topping. People working there are nice and the place was packed with a mixture of locals and tourists. Didn't seem like the pizza was sitting around and the older man making the pizza clearly knew what he was doing. Next thing you know I'll be hitting the 7's for a drink. Not bad for a place I'd forgotten even existed anymore.

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  1. I like going to Ninos every now and then, though lately I've been going to Villa Mexico instead. But the pizza is definitely good--much better than that of your typical sub shop.