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May 22, 2012 07:41 AM

What are your current faves in the Round Rock area?

Hubby and I will be in the area in about a week. It's our 17th anniversary and guess what we're doing? Going to the outlet mall, lol. Anyway, just looking for some good food. Preferably a casual atmosphere - nothing too stuffy. Pricepoint is not an issue but quality of food is.

I see that there is a Verona's in RR. I could have sworn I read about them here on chow but I searched for verona and found nothing.

So, what are you liking over there at the moment?

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  1. After reading for quite a while I stumbled across this post.


    Am considering:

    Main Street Grill
    French Quarter Grill
    Lousiana Longhorn Cafe
    Pacific Star

    Was also considering European Bistro but read a post somewhere else that they had really gone down hill.

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      I think Gumbo's is closed. I'm a fan of Chops and I've heard good things about the Greek restaurant next door. For cupcakes I like Be My Cupcake. French quarter has a good oyster Po boy.

    2. Gumbo's is clsoed to relocate. French Quarter Grill is great, HO HO Chinese is super and Main St. Grill is really good too. Louisiana Longhorn is much more casual but great food too!

      1. Salt Lick BBQ
        French Quarter Grille
        Hoody's Subs
        JT's BBQ

        1. Thanks for letting me know that gumbo's is closed. I had almost decided on it!!

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            I recommend the vegetarian family meal at Chola. I love meat but I dig all the dishes on that platter, esp the spinach.

          2. Had lunch today at Krave Wine Bar and Bistro. I love the ambiance and the service was top notch and entertaining without being intrusive.

            We had one good and one great sandwich. Their take on the philly cheesesteak was tasty but the rib-eye was chunky rather than thinly sliced, which is my preference, so I would pass next time. The Godfather, on the other hand, was great. Lucky for me that my friend shared. It's a warm sandwich with thin sliced roast beef, Havarti, fried onions, fried egg and a creamy horseradish... really good.