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May 22, 2012 01:10 AM

Looking for International Market and Best Coffee Beans in Venice

I know this may sound like a strange request in Venice, however, I need a few items that you can not find in and an Italian market like Horseradish, Dry Mustard. I am also looking for a great Coffee Bean Roaster. My guest don't drink Espresso but do enjoy a really good dark roast. Any suggestions out there?

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  1. If you are not already in Venice, you could pack the dry mustard, but it is widely available -- even Colman's -- in northern Italy as 'senape polvere'. I would think if you can't find horseradish ("cren") in Venice (try looking in the Jewish Ghetto?), than you could in Padova, but I confess upfront I've never shopped for it there.

    The espresso I had at Florian's lives in my memory as one of the single best coffees I have ever had in my life, and they sell ground coffee.

    There are other people who post on this board who spend a lot more time in Venice than I do, so they might stop by to give you more specific pointers.

    1. for your coffee, you might look for Caffe del Doge - their original cafe is near the Rialto Market
      Ive also seen recommendations for Torrefazione Costarica, on the Strada Nuova in Cannaregio, but havent actually shopped there.
      I think Id look in some of the larger Venetian supermarkets for your horseradish or bring it along with you. The dried mustard should be available in the supermarkets. the main "spice store" in Venice is Drogheria Mascari, also near the Rialto, you could check there also for your items.

      1. The big supermarket Billa at Strada Nuova and the Zattere should have mustard powder and prepared horseradish. Drogheria Mascari on ruga degli Spezieri near the Rialto market for sure. Also, one of the better and larger alimentari, Pane Rizzo on San Leonardo will.
        If you are looking for cups of dark roasted coffee to drink in cafes, I can't think of many. The only place that actually roast coffee in Venice proper is Torrefazione Marchi (sometimes call Costarica as the above post). They sell excellent dark roasted beans (single origin as well as blends) but only serves espresso in their standup bar, one of the best in Venice. Caffe del Doge on calle dei Cinque, sells very good beans though not roasted on premise. They also serve French press coffee. This branch in San Polo is the only one actually own by the roasting company, though many cafes use their coffee.

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          Thank you for the insight. I have been in Italy for over a year but first time in Venice. I have been lucky to have local knowledge available at all other ports but Venice is unique. These tips will really make my days easier. Thanks again to all!

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            If you are looking for fresh horseradish, I have seen it sometimes at the produce vendor on the corner of Campo C Battisti Bella Vienna off the Railto Market. It is a permanent stall next to the Muro wine bar. It is only produce vendor that carries some 'exotic' items such as fresh cilantro, ginger, fresh chilies, etc.