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May 21, 2012 10:29 PM

Ocean City seafood? [moved from Washington DC/Baltimore board]

My sister and her husband are visiting for the first time in 35 years. What do you recommend?

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  1. Getting good seafood in OC isn't easy, which is odd considering how much seafood is brought into the bay on fishing boats every day, but I guess that isn't how things work anymore... Anyway, Phillips used to have a decent, not great, but decent restaurant at 12th and Boardwalk but it is closed now and the others haven't been worth visiting for as long as I can remember. Green Turtle is one of my favorite bars, and it does crabcakes fairly well, you get 3 little ones on a plate and they are pretty good.
    My favorite seafood place in OC isn't in OC, it is in West OC off 611. Captains Galley has really good crabcakes, pretty good Maryland Crab Soup and their fried fish sandwich is big and meaty, really good.

    1. They want to go to Waterman's. Any comments?

      1. Except for steamed crabs you should skip trying to fine good seafood, or frankly good food, in OC. This place runs on high volume and low costs.

        Instead of wrapping yourself up in trying to find a "good" seafood place or a fine dining establishment . . . just embrace the greasey pizza, caramel corn, cotton candy and insulin shots and try to enjoy youself.

        When it comes to crabs I would suggest going ahead and bucking up to the costs and eat them as much as possible. . . .Try a couple of different places, each can have their own charms.

        1. I had my best meal in OC at Liquid Assets, which is a restaurant inside a wine shop. It's at 94th Street and Coastal Highway, a bit out of the way of the main touristy area, but worth the drive.

          1. Head north to Bethany and Rehoboth. Plenty of fabulous, fresh sea food in both towns. Worth the 15 minute drive

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              I concur with the above recommendation. Just north of Dewey beach in Rehoboth is a spot called Big Fish Grill that used to be excellent. Since the last time I have been there, they have expanded and I have not been back. So no guaranties, but it used to be excellent. Used to run into Gary Williams at the bar frequently.

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                Agree. Blue coast in north Bethany is a fantastic seafood restaurant . Big fish grill in rehooth is good and can be worked into lunch or dinner if you drive up to the outlets or water park one day.