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May 21, 2012 09:46 PM

Date shake around Palm Springs

I'm going to Palm Springs soon, which means that I have to try a date shack since that seems like a local specialty for Palm Springs with all the nearby date farms.

Any suggestions on where to get a date shake around Palm Springs? Or, do you have to drive to Indio, where the date farms are located, to get the best date shakes?

I'm driving from the LA area to Palm Springs, so Indio wouldn't be on the way. But, I guess I could drive out there as well assuming there's something else to do in Indio.

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  1. Hadleys dates in Cabazon right outside of Palm Srings. I'm pretty sure they have them. Look for the dinosaurs!

    1. It was a long while back but also went seeking the legendary date shakes of Indio area. Huge disappointment as they used processed date crystal chunks and there was no discernible date flavor in some ersatz frosty concoction that was not even a good milkshake.

      Having recently been to Oman and eaten varieties of dates there one can only dream about in quality and flavor, it is too bad this unique California date growing area does not deliver something even close in flavor and quality. Hope someone can come along and tell me the date industry and their products have gotten better in the past few years. Oman made me fall in love with dates and dates for snacks all over again.

      1. we always get a date shake at the concession at the Living Desert (the animal and plant museum)

        yes - they may use the crystallized dates but they taste good -- and the revenue is for a good cause -- and it's a great place to visit.