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May 21, 2012 09:25 PM

Capital Culinarian Grill vrs. BlueStar Grill

I am planning to buy a 36 inch range - either Capital Culinarian or Bluestar and would like to know
if there is a difference between the grills on these ranges. Does one perform better? If you own one of these ranges with a grill are you happy with the results when you cook? I grill hamburgers, chicken cutlets, lamb chops and steaks most often.

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  1. On a 36" range, I'd have a hard time giving up the real estate for a grill. Too specialized unless you grill every day, and it'll really add to the cleaning burden. Don't know where you are, but my preferred gas grill is the Weber out back. It's even a NG version so I don't have to worry about trading out tanks. I still use it in winter (admittedly pretty mild in GA). Our Bluestar has six burners.

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      The range I am replacing has a grill and I use it twice a week. I wouldn't grill outside here in the winter. I have four burners in addition to the 36 inch range I will be putting in so I am not worried about the "real estate" - just the quality of the grills.

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        Hey- didn't realize you have a kosher kitchen and have extra space (saw THS thread). Kinda in the minority to have the extra burners to use. Good luck with your search.

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          I have a grill on my 36" culinarian. I am very disappointed with it, since it does not burn that hot. Good for grilling vegetables, but failed miserably grilling hot dogs, steak, etc...I called culinarian and had a repairman over, but they said that is the way it is made.

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            I also have a 36" culinarian and I like the grill quite a bit but I had to get used to it. My outdoor grill is an infrared and it heats up crazy fast. I usually spend 10-12 minutes waiting for the culi to heat. I do cook lots of meats with it but I have a cover like you'd find at a diner that I put over things when grilling. Even so, my infrared thermometer tells me the culi gets up to 525-550 or so degrees when grilling while my outdoor grill will top 700.

            Given the option of doing it over, I'd buy again in a heartbeat.

    2. I realize this post is old, but wanted to add my 2 cents.....I have (2) 36 inch Capital Culinarian 6 burners sitting side by side in my kitchen. I wanted 2 full ovens all gas cooking and looked at several different brands including Wolf. I went with Capital because of the simmer burners and the ease of keeping the range top clean and looking new as possible.

      My friends have different types of ranges. Many of the tops of those ranges are made from either black porcelain or stainless steel. The black porcelain is impossible to clean and require a huge amount of effort to get spilled foods off. Eggs stick to it like cement and spots tend to remain no matter what cleaners are used. The stainless tops can be easier to clean, but you risk accidentally scratching the top.

      My Capital Culinarians have iron grates that pretty much make up the entire top. Once I clean the range top it looks great and nearly new. Note that I do wash and dry off my iron grates along with the stainless steel components underneath. I have open burners and worried about the ease of cleaning, however, my cleaning regiment takes less time then my friend takes on her sealed gas burner Wolf and she can never get her stove top looking clean. My other friend's husband accidentally scrubbed her stainless steel top with a scrub pad and scratched it up pretty severely. These are things to keep in mind if you like to keep your ranges looking nicely cleaned.

      As far as burners keep a simmer better on my larger pot and pans. My really small 1 quart pot seems to boil mildly, but I manage. The rotisserie makes a great chicken. I put a pan underneath to catch the juices so they don't smoke up the house, I also turn on my very powerful venting system as well.

      Problems have been minor and were taken care of in lightening speed fashion. My one CC's thermostat was not keeping the proper oven temperature. Capital sent the parts out immediately and the authorized repair person had it serviced and repaired in less than 2 weeks from start to finish. My other CC had a burner that clicked. That repair was also promptly repaired. I was disappointed that I had these minor problems, but cannot complain because parts were readily available and serviced very quickly. Since the repairs I have had no problems. I have owned these ranges for almost a year and a half. I cook at least 5 nights a week. Turn around time for parts is crucial when considering what appliances to buy.

      All in all I am happy with my ranges. They are beautiful and are a focal point in my kitchen. They cook and bake well and keep a perfect oven temperature. I know because I keep oven thermometers in both of them. They preheat in about 10 minutes. The stainless resist fingerprints much better than my friend's Wolf range. Sorry, but I have not used the self clean feature yet. I know I may not always use all 12 burners at once but you'd be surprised how many I do use when cooking for a crowd. The burners are really powerful and the broiler works great too. The oven doors never feel hot no matter how long I run the oven.

      Capital customer service is personal and top notch. They even asked me to send pictures of my (2) ranges....which I did. No appliance is ever perfect so parts availability and customer service is important. No one wants to wait months for a part to come in.

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