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May 21, 2012 08:59 PM

Lers Ros worth a trip for a neyorker who lives next to SriPraPhai?

Hi I have a very specific question. i will be visiting SF for 10 days and I live next to SriPraPhai in Woodside, Queens. However I do like Thai food. Is Lers Ros Thai worth a visit? (question intended for people who know SriPraPhai) Thanks a lot! LRS

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  1. Don't know SriPraPhai, but Lers Ros isn't as good as the best places in LA, I don't think it would reveal anything worth a special side trip, but hopefully another poster will have been to both. . .

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      Thank you goldangl95. I will drive from SF to LA, do you recommend a good thai over there? I will really appreciate your advice.

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        In my memory, Jitlada is far superior to Lers Ros, but I haven't gone back to Jitlada in a few years, so you may want to ask the LA board, where the best Thai places are...

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          And if you're going to Disneyland, there's really awesome Thai just a few miles away, also better than Lers Ros. I'm still a Lers Ros fan and eat frequently at the Hayes Valley location, but it's not a highlight for people coming from places with great Thai food.


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            Lers Ros doesn't serve the southern Thai dishes that Jitlada is famous for. Neither does SriPraPhai, for that matter.

      2. It's worth a visit esp. if you're curious. You can make your own judgment without spending much money. Lately it feels as if the food has been uneven possibly because they opened a second location. But it can be great. Two dishes that I enjoyed recently were the silver noodles and shrimp paste fried rice.

        1. I'm going to go ahead and say no! I haven't been to SriPraPhai, but have read/heard a lot about it, but I have been to Lers Ros.

          For Southeast Asian food in SF, I'd instead focus on Vietnamese and Burmese options, which are much stronger here than in New York. There are also some interesting Thai/Lao options in the East Bay, so if you do want Thai, Lers Ros is not the only option.

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            Thanks to all for the feedbak. Ill decide what to do and report back if I end up eating at Lers Ros.

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              I grew up in sf and now live in NY (sadly not next door to Sripraphi) and i think Dave MP hits this on the head. Im exctied to be planning a return to sf for the first time in a while and will most definitely prioritize burmese food (and probably a banh mi) on my trip because those are things i find more lacking in ny - we get to Zaab Elee in the east village enough that unless someone specifically wanted to take us for thai in SF id probably not try too hard to make it happen.

            2. i used to live in brooklyn pre-sf, and used to frequent sripraphai almost every friday night. my mouth waters when i think of my favorite dishes c-17 (chili pork leg) and a-20(pickled pork spareribs)--to their credit(pickled pork spareribs), i have never found anything like that dish in sf...still searching.

              my short answer is no. sripraphai is the best thai restaurant i have eaten at in the country. lers ros doesn't compare. they are the best thai food I've found out here, but if you live next to sripraphai, save your hunger for thai till you get home, and sample the amazing cuisine thats out here that you can't get at home.

              also, if you ever move, please let me know!

              1. I'd second the suggestion to focus on Vietnamese. You'll find really great cheap options that are far superior to anything available in NY right now.

                I would say the same of Burmese, but the quality at the places recommended the most seems to have declined with popularity.