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May 21, 2012 07:25 PM

Zabar's Babka - memory failing or major downhill alert?

Hi all,

Let's not debate whether Zabar's Babka is a real babka or not. I know the ingredient list is not what a grandmother might use to make a classic babka. But for better or worse, I used to be addicted to their cinnamon babka (I use "their" loosely - I've heard it's baked by a bulk baker in Providence, LI and rebranded and sold to other stores including Russ & Daughters).

My question is to longtime Zabar's babka eaters: have they started to really stink? They are so dry now! They used to be super-gooey and amazingly moist. Not so anymore, and often the only remnant of goo is on the very bottom of the babka.

I've bought a bunch in the past year and I'm consistently disappointed. Anyone else notice this?

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  1. I've been buying them for years; haven't noticed any change for better or for worse. In fact, sometimes I think they're too moist -- it's like cutting into a wet sponge.

    1. Each one can be different. Don't pick out a large one-puffy and dry. Search through the carton. Smaller and more dense (my kids call it "muddy") is the way to go.