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May 21, 2012 05:49 PM

Clamps for Pasta Machines

I've read several complaints about the C-clamp attachment that clamps the pasta maker to a table top. In general, the clamp does not work with American counter tops, allowing only about 2.5 inch clearance. For mine (Imperia) I need 3.5" clearance to attach to my counter top. Building one is expensive. Anyone out there interested in a modified C-clamp?


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  1. Hi, hodgsonrt:

    Would you please post a photo of how your machine mounts up? The W-S video of an Imperia (with "culinary expert" Jessica) does not show the clamp arrangement.

    From what I *can* see, this thing has a very small, tippy base overall, and the base flange at the sides (where you would need to clamp it to feed the dough L-R) is tiny. If you like the machine, I would take it to a metal fab place, and have them increase the span of the integral clamp. Better yet, have them weld on a larger base all around, and buy a $5 C-clamp only if you need it. Looks like a C+ design for the mount.