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May 21, 2012 05:20 PM

DC/MD Style chinese food and subs

Is there anyone from PG County MD, Washington, DC that knows of a chinese restaurant here in Atlanta (or surrounding) that sells this (see title)? I have been dying to find a chinese joint here that I can get an original steak and cheese sub (they are FAT) like ummm Danny's or Yums, etc. like they make and sell at any local chinese carry out in PG County MD or Washington, DC.

Please help!!! Tired of eating fake food here! Please please please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Please define "fake food".
      That would help us help you.

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      1. re: rcburli

        It is difficult to explain. I apologize for the term "fake food" but anyone from THAT area would know what I am saying. The whole taste of the food whether it is chicken wings, subs (steak and cheese) or even chinese food itself (shrimp fried rice, ex.) is different. I have been all over and once I saw a chinese joint say on their window "New York Style" and I was like wtf. Not even close. Maybe I just need to resign from ever tasting DC/MD food again. If I mention mumbo sauce (which I can buy from the area see any native from DC/MD would smile...big time. Thanks anyway...sorry if I offended with the "fake food" comment, but there is a difference...there is...


        1. re: DCMD_FUGITIVE

          interesting. i was completely confused by the original post. i thought any chinese joint that served cheese on anything was completely fake. i couldn't picture what it could be...bao bing with cheese? i guess the interpretation of "fake food" is relative.

      2. Is this maybe the sort of place you are looking for?

        There are quite a few places that sell some combination of wings, some Chinese, and sometime subs, south of I 20.

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        1. re: BigEdAtl

          @BigEdAtl, imma check them out today. If this is the spot you get from me whatever service and support you need in re your computers @ 50% off FOR LIFE: I will post back after I check this joint out.

          1. re: BigEdAtl

            @ 5:04 p.m. I visited this joint. Man, this place exceeded my expectations! I now have a place to get that real taste of DC style food. I ordered the steak, egg and cheese combo. The lady Michelle went hardcore and gave me the house Ketchup bottle for my fries. No ketchup packets (the same as DC/MD joints do - give you the house Ketchup bottle). One look and taste of the food I was in HEAVEN. As I sat there enjoying I asked Michelle (she is Chinese and said that is the name people call her), is the joint affiliated with DC joints. She said yes, the owner has relatives who own/operate some joints in DC/MD!! That was the best $6.47 I ever spent here in the ATL and the best gas I ever expended driving from Douglasville up 20! Now I know where to go to get that food I have so been missing. Heck since it was my lucky day went next door and got a Fantasy 5 ticket and gave the peace symbol to a brother APD cop sitting there getting his security chill on!

            Thanks BigEdAtl and remember what I said bro, you get that Blue Screen of Death, you are more than covered on the help. Geek Squad who? Thank you again for this food lead bro. BRAVO ZULU brother!