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May 21, 2012 05:08 PM

Gleason's in Peekskill to open August 2012- from Birdsall House folks

I just got an email from Birdsall House today saying they will be opening a new place called Gleason's in Peekskill. According to the website, it will feature flatbread pizzas, soups, and salads. As a huge fan of BH, this is intriguing, though I must admit I'm a little bored of pizza-centric restaurants. I'm sure it'll be much more than that. I also am a little jealous... I feel like Ossining needs something funky like this!
911 South St.
Peekskill, NY

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  1. thanks for the heads up. I disagree on ossining though, imo this is going to be faux funky while ossining is full of funky restaurants.

    I've been thinking we really need to try some of these places. For example, my son ordered latin takeout from l&m pizzeria (now that's funky!) and came back with delicious chicken over rice and beans. He said the pernil looked good too. How about the mexican restaurant on 9a south of lucys? or the Ecuadorian restaurant across the street from l&m? I had a very good meal at Elitas.

    How about if you pick one, I'll pick one and we report back here?

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      We had a good meal at the Ecuadorian place near Paramount about a year ago. A cross-cultural experience as they set up for a later in the evening party, but good food. Fish in particular was yum, and rice. Not 4 star food, but solid and people-pleasing.

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        thanks, Ive passed that place, will check it out.

    2. I got that email too--thanks for thinking to put the news on Chowhound. Birdsall has wonderful food (and an amazing beer list), and it's really successful. The idea of their expanding their offerings by opening an additional restaurant in a different part of Peekskill is really intriguing and a big endorsement of Peekskill as a food and entertainment center.

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        Amendment: I checked Google maps--this place is right around the corner from Birdsall (okay, a couple corners), even more convenient to the Paramount. So, more options before going to the Paramount.