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May 21, 2012 04:10 PM

THE BEST BURGERS on the way to the COTTAGE!!!!

I noticed there has not been a review on this great restaurant since 2008 and I thought it was time to remind people that the food here is great, Andy and Vula the owners are fun people and did I mention the burgers are fresh, homemade and GREAT!!!!!
All the toppings you could want and more with a varied menu including salads for those who prefer to avoid meat ( too bad for you !!!! ).
I highly recommend this stop on the way to the cottage in place of stopping off at another burger place a bit farther north where there are long lines and expensive burgers and really since the family sold it no further reason to stop there.

Try the Burger Pit and find out why they are becoming more popular each and every weekend.

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  1. Out of curiosity, which cottage area are you speaking about? Kawartha? Muskoka? Wasaga? Simcoe? Niagara? What makes Burger Pit so great?

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      1. re: Spelunk

        Thanks! That isn't anywhere near the way to my cottage - sorry Advisor!

        1. re: justsayn

          Where is your cottage? Maybe I have a favourite restaurant near there:)

          1. re: AdvisorOntario

            Thanks! Kawartha. Have you been to Bohemian BBQ smokeshack + churrasco?

            1. re: justsayn

              Hey, I LOVE that kind of food. My cousin has his cottage on Mink Lake and we come across 60 and go south to St. Joseph or is it St. Peter. Anyway, where is this restaurant?

              1. re: AdvisorOntario

                Haven't been but it is on Lakefield Rd I believe?? Saw it for the first time this past weekend.

      2. re: justsayn

        Sorry about that. Highway 11 around Oro-Medonte between 10 line and 11th line. The burgers are moist, the meat is freshly ground daily, (no frozen stuff here) the toppings are excellent, the service is super friendly and the buns are excellent.

        1. re: AdvisorOntario

          We ate at burger pit on the way up north last weekend. We have really liked the burgers in the past, but with the proliferation of great burger options in TO (the Priest, Holy Chuck, Stockyards, etc) now everything else doesn't meet expectations. Burger was just okay at the Pit last week. Too dry. If you grind the meat fresh daily, I would suggest not using such lean ground beef. Make it 15% to 20% fat and I think I'll love you again.

          1. re: acd123

            Yes, you are right about the proliferation of new restaurants in TO, however that doesn't do much for a hungry person travelling north on highway 11 to the cottage. So, compare hamburger joints on the way north and what do you have? Webers (over rated ) Burger Pit, oh, maybe Licks at gasoline alley but at the point you are not far enough out of the city!! LOL. They make nice burgers too, but I still prefer Burger Pit and their friendly atmosphere and good service and I have been going there for a long time and have never had a dry burger........ EVER!!! So, I guess it all comes down to taste and availability. Have you got other restaurants you would go to on the way to the cottage? Where is your cottage located? I am always up for trying new spots.

      3. The original comment has been removed