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May 21, 2012 03:58 PM

Fior d'Italia closing [San Francisco]

The Chron reports tonight's their last night:

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  1. It's been a reliable go-to place to bring out of town visitors who lack an adventurous palette and prefer white tablecloth dining.

    Great lamb chops. Classic Caesar salad. Quiet.
    I hope they can re-invent themselves...once again.

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    1. re: escargot3

      the pricing always seemed a bit out-of-line....

    2. I have to say that it's disappointing, but it's their own fault. Ya just can't charge those kind of prices for "continental cuisine" any more. I'm surprised they lasted this long, really. All the others: Ernie's, Doro's, The Blue Fox, all those fancy Ceasar-salad-mixed-at-your-table places closed years or even decades ago. Where do you go to get Tournedos Rossini, Steak Dianne, Celery Victor, and flaming cherries jubilee crepes? I guess no one really wants to know.

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      1. re: mr_morcilla

        None of those dishes were on their menu. It was fairly typical Italian.

        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          Funny. Earlier this morning, the Huffington Post said, "Fior D'Italia first opened its doors on May 1, 1886, serving sauteed veal with minestrone soup, Caesar salad and dessert for five cents." Somone must have pointed out that Caesar salad wasn't invented till decades later, and they've since removed the word "Caesar."

        2. re: mr_morcilla

          I will miss them. Yes the prices are high. But the portions were quite generous. The fish was fresh. And the meat, tender.

          I suspect they'd fare better in the FiDi.

          1. re: mr_morcilla

            I had a Tournedos Rossini at Bistro Central Parc like two months ago. It was pretty kickass.

          2. They picked a silly location to relocate, so I'm surprised they lasted this long. I'd love to see them return to a better spot, and relax their prices, because there's not a lot of places left that do what they do well.