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May 21, 2012 03:29 PM

Breakfast recommendations near Hotel Place d'Armes

We're staying at Hotel Place d'Armes on St Jacques Ouest and would appreciate some ideas for breakfast outside of our hotel. Ideally, we'd like a place close to the hotel with decent selection, good food and reasonable prices.

While price is not a huge concern, we don't want to spend too much for breakfast or else we would just have breakfast at the hotel. We'd prefer not to spend $15 for a coffee and a croissant but we don't want to have breakfast at McDonald's either.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Titanic on Saint Pierre. Olive and Gourmando on Saint Paul, Le Gros Jambon on Notre Dame.

      1. re: kpzoo

        Le Cartet is like a 15 minute walk from the Place d'Armes for a good but not special or Montreal-ized breakfast. If they were staying at the W, The Saint Paul, or the Gault it would be an entirely different proposition. In that part of Old Montreal there is also Louigi's (which while not the greatest food, has more atmosphere, history and spirit than Le Gros Jambon will ever have) McGill Plaza, which is a generic Montreal casse-croute. Then talking about generic Montreal casse-coutes there is also the Nouveau Notre Dame which is very close to the Place d'Armes, but charges tourist prices for Hochelaga food.

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          I had been planning to check out a place called Claude Postel but I heard it has since closed and the replacement is not very good.

      2. olive and gourmando did not meet my expectations re food although place is cute, Le Cartet not to my taste as too crowded and noisy. I did like L arrivage on top floor of archeology museum especially with table on small balcony as nice view, popular so reservations needed. I dont recall prices but as brunch could combine the bk,lunch.....another popular place at 425 mcgill is vallier which you can check out online /fb

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          just another idea, if you are coming in June you would enjoy breakfast at clunyartbar just west of mcgill, unfortunately it is closely thereafter as owners want to focus on their other resto but well worth a visit.

          also depends if you are coming for a weekend as some restos only serve brunch then