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May 21, 2012 02:54 PM

Great places near Washington Hilton?

I am in town for a conference...looking for a great local place near the hotel, not too expensive, nothing where I need to get dressed. Small group going out, open to all options except indian.

Any suggestions for vietnamese/Pho, tapas, american.

No chains please.....

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  1. Check out Bistro du Coin near you. Good mussels and salads. "Not too expensive" is subjective, but there are ways to order here that won't break the bank.

    For Vietnamese/pho, you need to choose - you either want to eat near your hotel, or you want to travel a bit for this kind of food. My favorite place in town is Pho Viet, a small family run place on 14th St. about 6 blocks north of the Columbia Heights Metro station. You could take the Metro to get here, but you'd need to change to the green line at Gallery Place.

    Same for tapas. Two good places are Jaleo and Estadio. Jaleo would be easy to get to on the Metro. Take the red line toward Glenmont and get off at Gallery Place. It's a block or so from there. Estadio is excellent; it's on 14th St. near Logan Circle - a long walk, but do-able - or take a taxi. It's rather expensive.

    There are a couple of excellent burger places near you. Shake Shack, south of Dupont Circle on CT Ave., and BGR, closer to you and north of the circle. Oops - you said no chains.

    Great breakfast and lunch is near you at Bethesda Bagels on CT Ave. toward the circle.

    Dolcezza has the best ice cream in town. It's near you.

    Unfortunately, you are in an expensive area of town looking for inexpensive options close by.

    1. I would head up towards Adams Morgan and go to Mintwood. This is a new restaurant that does American/French bistro food really, really well. It should be fun with a small group and will be a nice break from the hotel.