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May 21, 2012 02:50 PM

Your Top 10-12 favorite DC Metro restaurants?

I have not been plugged in to the scene lately -just in my own world. And I am just trying to get new ideas and see what is current -Again.. I hope these are your go-to places...Doesn't have to be in any particular order and thank you for sharing!

Here are Mine in no particular order:

1. Thai Xing
2. DC Noodles
3. Cheestique
4. Estadio
5. Two Amy's
6. District Tacos
7. Italian Store
8. Rasika
9. Zatinya
10. Restaurant Eve
11. Fiola
12. Open City

What are yours?

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  1. Just to get things started, as much as I love Thai Xing, I'd throw in Little Serow.

    1. Bibiana and Graffiato. Get the chefs tasting menu at both.

      I'll second Little Serow, where you have no choice but to get the tasting menu. And to keep in the family, I'll throw in Komi, but that's a break the bank kind of meal.

      1. 1. Bangkok Golden
        2. Volt
        3. Rasika
        4. Fast Gourmet
        5. Two Amy's
        6. Granville Moore's
        7. Citronelle (lounge)
        8. Jaleo
        9. Ren's Ramen
        10. Chez Auntie Libe

        I have a colossal list of other places to try, but this is what I've been most impressed with in my short time here.

        1. This is in no particular order (and probably changes on a regular basis) but:

          Bistro D'Oc
          The Source
          Sichuan Pavilion
          Taylor's Gourmet
          Bar Pilar

          From my list you can probably tell I actually love the small plates craze! :)

          1. At this very moment off the top of my head ...

            1. Ren's Ramen
            2. Pho Viet
            3. Sundevich
            4. Little Serow
            5. Shake Shack
            6. Ray's Hellburger
            7. Red Rocks
            8. Pete's Apizza
            9. Hank's Oyster Bar
            10. Pearl Dive

            and of course, Komi.

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              Where/what is Sundevich? Would love to know more.