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May 21, 2012 02:32 PM

Help with my itinerary

I will be in Boston for a Friday-Sunday in June, staying at Hotel Commonwealth and need some suggestions or help with my food itinerary. I have two dinners and my thoughts are Cragie on Maine, No. 9 Park, or L'Espalier. Which two would you pick, or is there something out there better. We are also planning on having Sunday brunch at Mistral, but I am open if there are better options. What are a couple must eat lunch and snack spots? Any help is much appreciated.

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  1. I would do your brunch at Craigie on Main, their brunch is to die for, I prefer it to their dinner.

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      I would combine this advice with Bob's below, and do brunch at Craigie on Main (no "e") (though I love their dinners, the brunch is the best in the city IMHO), and add Island Creek Oyster Bar as one of the dinners. As for the other dinner, either blow it out at O Ya, or either of you other choices, both of which would be fine.

    2. I might stay in the same building as your hotel and go to Island Creek Oyster Bar one day/night, if you crave seafood.

      1. I would do your blowout dinner at O Ya and then something more casual.

        1. Depends on your loves- Asian, French, Mediterranean? etc. OYa will be Coi like, but still its own thing. No.9 not much raved here on CH. Island Creek Oyster Bar very raved here, and Craigie. Also Erbaluce for unusual artisinal Piedmontese. Do pull up their menus and see what wows you. And def make reservations in advance. Some additional:

          Guide to Boston by Areas and Restaurants:

          Welcome and hope you have a great time here.

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            Oya is nothing like Coi. Different cuisines entirely. Like saying Oishii is like 9 Park.