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May 21, 2012 02:23 PM

Romantic dinner in Pacific Grove or environs


I am going to be in the Monterey area this Friday and am hoping for a romantic dinner in the Monterey area. I prefer Pacific Grove but Carmel and Monterey would be OK.

Elegance is not importance...a quiet little cottage somewhere would be perfect. However, money is not a limiting factor so upscale would be fine.

Open to many cuisines except for a menu that focuses heavily on seafood.

MANY, MANY thanks in Chowhounders are a lovely group :-)

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  1. This past Sat. we dined at Casanova for dinner at La Bicyclette for lunch. Both places have excellent food. PortaBella is also a cozy little cottage with great food in downtown Carmel. :)

    1. I'll recommend Passionfish in Pacific Grove.

      Sustainable seafood and an excellent wine selection that is priced pretty close to retail.

      It can be romantic but I'd phone ahead to talk to the staff about a special table. Other times we've been there we were seated very close to other couples.

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        Everyone's idea of what is romantic varies, and I have to say that I don't find Passionfish romantic at all. Too noisy and tables squished very close together as you've noted, plus not much service. If there's a special table where one can escape that, I'm all ears.

      2. I was going to recommend Aubergine but noticed their current 4 course offers a choice of seafood or seafood for the second course ;) but I think you could call ahead and arrange a substitution. We had an excellent dinner there on Tuesday.

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          Thanks, everyone....we ended up having one of the most romantic dinners possible in Pacific Grove: a picnic at Lover's Point with food gathered in Carmel. Thanks, anyway!