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May 21, 2012 02:15 PM

Live Crawfish in Dallas this weekend. What are prices, where to go, how is quality?


Oh and I am asking because I want to boil them, not buy at a restaurant already cooked.

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  1. prices - apprx 3.50. high for this time of year
    where to go - i'll let others make suggestions :)
    quality - varying from bag to bag. we've seen selects range from excellent to barely above 'graded' in the same shipment.

    be aware - crawfish season is comign to a close, so get your order in ASAP and plan your boil quickly. this weekend could be last weekend.

    1. OK, still looking for list of where one could buy them?

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      1. re: EatingGood

        These guys are good as well. I've used them several times.

        Located in Lewisville, right off 121, close to I-35E and 121 intersection (about 2 miles east on 121 Business road).

        1. re: masnole

          Their site looks great! I wish they were closer to where I live.

      2. For the largest and best quality Louisiana bugs, I would try one of TJ's Seafood locations at either The Shops of Highland Park on Oak Lawn or their Preston Forest location on Preston Road. Or, if you're closer to Plano, try Sea Breeze on Preston Road in Plano.

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