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May 21, 2012 02:03 PM

Peter Luger Drink $$$'s

Making our first trip to Peter Luger's next week and want to plan accordingly - how much do drinks normally go for? I'd like to get a bottle of wine, but we might go with beers/cocktails. What is the bottle of wine/beer/cocktail price range?

Also for the two of us, I think we'll get the steak of two, two strips of bacon, maybe creamed spinach, and possible one other app/side. Does that sound like enough?


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  1. i've never ordered wine at Luger, just cocktails and beer. i know that martinis run around 14 ish --- or did on my last visit -- and are large and well made. beer is probably the best bet. they have a nice selection designed to pair with their menu offerings.

    your menu sounds good to me, and i have an average (maybe a little lighter than average) appetite. add a potato dish, and have an onion roll or two. but like mom said, don't fill up on bread!

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      Thanks! Do you know how much the beers were?

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        I took my sister and niece a few years ago and the toal, with steak-for-three and Brooklyn Lagers plus a couple of Martini's was about $160. Of course, the car fare back to Manhattan added to that. Personally, I love the wine list..Almaden &c. It's a Chop House, not haute cuisine. If you want good wine bring your own bottle but that is hoity-toity for that joint.

    2. Definitely go for the cocktails.

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        I agree. Last time I was there I went for the retro experience and had whiskey sours. Very well done and huge.

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          Thanks! Do you know the price range for the cocktails? debinqueens mentioned above about Martinis being about $14 - I'm guessing that's pretty standard?

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            Don't remember the price, but the one time I went to PL, I got a martini. It was not very impressive. Good, but definitely not up to the standards I expect from a steakhouse.

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              Don't remember the prices. However, a martini is all liquor, so I would guess a whiskey sour (whiskey, lemon juice, bar syrup) would be a bit less. Probably $10 to $12. Trust me, you won't need many.

        2. We went there about a month ago. I had a generous rusty nail that was about $14. Steak for two is $90 and I guarantee two people cannot eat it all. Steak for two is more like steak for three. Creamed spinach is a good choice and the bacon a must. We thought the sliced tomatoes and onions was not worth it. You will want to save room for dessert. Their wine by the glass is good too. Bill for four with tip was $400. I'd go back in a New York second.

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            Second all this information (except that I slather steak sauce and blue cheese dressing over the tomato and onion and wouldn't miss that-have to keep my cardiologist in business). A good pour glass of wine is a pricey $12 I believe.

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              Love the idea of the sharp blue cheese with their sweet, tangy steak sauce on the tomato & onion salad. Since I can buy their steak sauce at my meat market, I'm going to try this at home. Thanks for the idea.