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May 21, 2012 01:53 PM

One night in Alexandria...

Where should I eat? Any cuisine, don't mind paying up for the real deal.

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  1. What part of Alexandria? If you mean Old Town, I'd throw out Majestic for a great menu and gorgeous drinks. Will it be just you? It;s a good place to eat alone at the bar. Vermilion has been amazing too, but the chef recently left to take over elsewhere. Or are you looking more casual?

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    1. re: katecm

      Do you know where he (Chittum) went?

      1. re: monavano

        YES. He is taking over the Iron Gate, that gorgeous spot down an alley across from Tabard that used to be (insert meat) potato and broccoli. An incredibly untapped location with previously awful food. I'm pretty psyched.

      2. re: katecm

        Old Town Alexandria for me and the wife. Will look into Majestic...thx!

        1. re: coldbeer

          I would go to the Majestic or Virtue Feed and Grain. For really high end, go to Restaurant Eve!

      3. My last meal at the Majestic (in January) was pretty bad. Horrible service, over salted food, underseasoned food and a tough piece of meat.

        If you really want to blow it out with some high end, high quality food try Restaurant Eve. It's owned by the same people who own the Majestic and is the home base of the star chef. Sit in the tasting room (not the bistro). It's great.

        1. Restuaurant Eve but you could also do Society Fair. Not sure if you have time but try to make the dinner reservation one month in advance for the bar prix fixe chef's class/ktichen.

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            They often have cancellations for the Chef Demos, so if you can't make a reservation ahead of time, call and check in with them anyway.....

          2. I would perhaps add Brabo to the mix. Although Society Fair is one of my new very favorites in Alexandria. And if you can afford to go to Restaurant Eve well then I would go.

            1. I agree that the Demo Kitchen at Society Fair will be a unique and fun experience with excellent food. Take a look at the website or call to see what types of cuisines are offered on what day.
              The menu is fluid, so if you are up for anything (with excellent cocktails and wine), this is for you.

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              1. re: monavano

                Thank you all this is excellent info.