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Hey, for those of you that know Stumptown in Portland or Intelligentsia is Los Angeles, is there a similar cool coffee place in New Orleans? Not looking for a junked up eclectic one or grandma's coffee house but a cool, kind of branded looking place with a-mazing coffee.Could be a small New Orleans chain or a onesie. Thanks!

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  1. Try Orange Couch in the Marigny.

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    1. if you've not been to Nola before even if it's not what you're looking for as per this request, please go to Cafe Du Monde....it's an institution regardless of what anyone says. just give it one looksie sit down order and enjoy


      hubby and I will be there the third week of June.
      he's not been since he was there for work with cohorts 15 or more years ago.

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        Thanks. I LOVE Cafe du Monde and always go every time I am here. It is an institution. It's just the best. I love that chicory in the coffee and the beignets and the vibe.

        Was also hoping for a kind of hip coffee place as an alternative but doesn't seem like that has hit here yet!

        Enjoy your trip together!

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          actually i hope it never does hit here. the hipster uniform just feels so forced. wearing a fedora indoors? whaat...

      2. Merchant in the CBD; Velvet uptown.

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        1. PJ's is the chain in the New Orleans area. It's okay, but not spectacular.

          I like Fair Grinds off of Esplanade in Mid City adjacent to the fair grounds: http://fairgrinds.com/

          1. What about "Zotz" on Oak St or my personal favorite, First Cup Cafe on Calhoun street?

            1. Cafe Envie on Decatur St may fit the bill.

              1. Booty in the bywater sells stumptown. Don't get more hip. Orange couch + Velvet + nothing else to speak of.

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                  They -- Booty's -- do claim to sell Stumptown but their coffee is kind of tragically bad. I think they sit on the beans till they're well past their sell-by date (which, let's be honest, is about 72 hours from when they were roasted if you're going to be picky about your coffee).

                  O.C. makes a pretty good stab at hip and their coffee's actually pretty drinkable; however, the lack of a pour over option prevents them from obtaining top tier hipness no matter how hard the staff scowl at you.

                  Solo -- corner of Urquhart & Poland -- has very good coffee: fresh single estate beans, carefully constructed espresso drinks, drip coffee made to order. The place itself could be accused of hipness (pour over, edgy art, a shop dog, no lack of tattoos, not the easiest place to find) but that's balanced by the lack of wifi and loud music. Plus there's only the one large communal table that encourages conversation.

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                    my SO is a coffee snob. it's my understanding that Orange Couch was quite good under the original owner, but post sale to new owner, no so much.

                    for reference, tonx.org is highly regarded in our house.

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                      I hadn't heard of Tonx ... that's cool. Yet again I missed out on making my millions.

                      For what it's worth, roasting green beans (for non-espresso drinks) is a pretty trivial process and lets you manage bean, roast, and freshness. Takes about ten inactive minutes a day.

                2. I could never be accused of being "hip", "trendy" or "fashionable,"...I'm still opposed to most of the Twentieth Century and I detest the Designated Hitter...but what in hell is Stumptown? Presumably they sell a good or even great coffee(s) but that is something I make on my own--or at keasat o my taste. Most public coffee shops I havd been to sell a thin flavored thing. Fair Grinds has been fine for me but, really, only if I happen to be in the area. CDM is not strong enough. But what makes them "hip?" I only ask so I know to avoid something that is trendy because invariably trendy means loud.

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                    Stumptown is a coffee roaster from Portland, Oregon. Their coffee is served at many restaurants and coffee shops, and they themselves operate a small number of coffee shops in Portland, Seattle, LA, and NYC. To me the fact that it's hip and trendy is irrelevant. What I love is that it's mighty fine coffee -- robust and rich -- far better than anything I've ever been served in New Orleans. (I never did try Velvet, and have had decent coffee at Mojo and at District. CDM "coffee" is a different product and just not particularly satisfying, imho. CDM, like Bourbon St., is something I tell visitors they have to visit once, and then hopefully cross it off their list, or go back if they find that that's their thing.)

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                      I beg to differ about CDM....I'm talking about the CDM Coffee, not the Cafe du Monde restaurants. CDM is the coffee of choice locally for Vietnamese iced coffee (cafe sua da), and I'm a fan of its coffee:chicory ratio. Look for the orange can at your favorite Viet places...and see the stacks and stacks of CDM at Hong Kong market.

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                        What's your take on French Market coffee and chicory? (I use mostly their Pure Coffee but I'll use either theirs or CDM if I want chicory I used to use a mixture of French Market, Union, and Yogi that I made myself

                  2. Spitfire in the French Quarter or Velvet, Uptown...