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May 21, 2012 01:26 PM


Hey, for those of you that know Stumptown in Portland or Intelligentsia is Los Angeles, is there a similar cool coffee place in New Orleans? Not looking for a junked up eclectic one or grandma's coffee house but a cool, kind of branded looking place with a-mazing coffee.Could be a small New Orleans chain or a onesie. Thanks!

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  1. Try Orange Couch in the Marigny.

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    1. if you've not been to Nola before even if it's not what you're looking for as per this request, please go to Cafe Du's an institution regardless of what anyone says. just give it one looksie sit down order and enjoy

      hubby and I will be there the third week of June.
      he's not been since he was there for work with cohorts 15 or more years ago.

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        Thanks. I LOVE Cafe du Monde and always go every time I am here. It is an institution. It's just the best. I love that chicory in the coffee and the beignets and the vibe.

        Was also hoping for a kind of hip coffee place as an alternative but doesn't seem like that has hit here yet!

        Enjoy your trip together!

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          actually i hope it never does hit here. the hipster uniform just feels so forced. wearing a fedora indoors? whaat...

      2. Merchant in the CBD; Velvet uptown.

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        1. PJ's is the chain in the New Orleans area. It's okay, but not spectacular.

          I like Fair Grinds off of Esplanade in Mid City adjacent to the fair grounds:

          1. What about "Zotz" on Oak St or my personal favorite, First Cup Cafe on Calhoun street?