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May 21, 2012 01:26 PM

Jackson, MS--one dinner, one lunch

Coming to Jackson this weekend. Looking for the most Chowish meals. From Oregon so anything regional would be great. I'm not really into heavy, rich food.

My definition of Chowish is great food, served in a place that is filled with locals, isn't big on pretense, and is usually pretty cheap.


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  1. The good thing about Jackson is that there really aren't many tourists, so pretty much everyone that you encounter will be a local!

    Do you know what part of town you will be staying?

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    1. re: Clarkafella

      Somewhere close to Millsaps.
      Thanks for any advice.

      1. re: runninrob

        You could go downtown from Millsaps pretty easily. Parlor Market is great -- though I wouldn't call it cheap. But it's more reasonable for lunch if you wanted to hit it then. The Mayflower is a good seafood place downtown and is a little more affordable than PM. It's BYOB. Sophia's in the Fairview Inn is directly across from Millsaps. It's OK, but, like PM, I wouldn't describe it as cheap. Keifer's is also right there and reasonably priced, but it's not my favorite Greek place in Jackson, so I'll only give it a lukewarm recommendation. Not too far from Millsaps heading away from downtown are Walker's Drive-In and Bravo, both of which are excellent for lunch and dinner.

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          Fannin Mart has great country food. It's not close to Milsaps but only a short drive. Nick's is nice fine dining.

          Fanin Mart @ 5419 Highway 25 # M, Flowood, MS. 601 - 992 - 0411.

          If you like BBQ go to Hickory Pit. Julep is nice too.

          Hickory Pit @ 1491 Canton Mart Road, Jackson, MS 601 - 956 - 7079. *** *** ***

          Julep Restaurant @ 1305 East Northside Dr., Jackson, MS. 601 - 362 - 1411.

      2. Thanks all that posted. We really enjoyed Parlor Market for our lunch. I'm not a hard drink guy but based on their menu we had to try one. Man oh man, you sure pour a stiff one down here! I had the rabbit sandwich. Tasty. Can't say I've had much rabbit before!
        Tried Fannin Mart for a late lunch. Can't say I'm a big fan. The fried chicken was good but I don't appreciate the overcooked vegetables. I'm sure they were seasoned well but I think the green beans were out of a can and the squash was really unidentifiable.
        Also made a big mistake in going to Pizza Shack. Wow. That was some heavy pizza.

        Again my thanks to all that responded. I'm a huge Chowhound fan and you are the reasons why. We may disagree but we all are passionate about food.


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          Yeah, I think that Fannin Market has gone down recently. Seems like the food was much better before they moved. I'm a big fan of Pizza Shack, but have never tried the pizza; their roast beef sandwich is so good that I've never been able to make myself order anything else!