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May 21, 2012 01:23 PM

Recommendation for one more dinner

Hello all, my girlfriend and I will be in Paris next month (23rd to the 26th). We are currently booked for dinner at Fontaine de Mars on the 24th (Sunday) and looking for a dinner suggestion on Monday the 25th. I reserved at La Regalade - St. Honore at 7:30 but we were hoping to eat a little later (8:30). I was thinking about calling Frenchie realizing that reservations are difficult to come by there and was hoping for some other recommendations.

One of us is not terribly adventurous while the other is open to most anything and we would like to go somewhere relatively casual. That is, while I'd love to knock out one of the three star restaurants, that will need to wait for another trip. Fontaine de Mars seems like fairly traditional Paris bistro fare, so restaurants offering a different experience would also be greatly appreciated.

Also, any recommendations for Nice on the 26th would also be great. We are booked at Mirazur on the 27th.

thanks very much!

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  1. l am an old fan of Chez Denise, it is always my first meal in Paris. Flaveur in Nice was excellent as well. LR ST H is OK, the original is IMHO better.

    1. I think you would like Dans les Landes. It is great and would be a completely different experience.

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        Thank you both for the recommendations. Frenchie was a no-go. Dialing there several times I began to feel a vague sense of deja vu and realized I was thinking of dialing Schwa in Chicago.

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          Frenchie is closed for renovation, reopening early June.
          Dans Les Landes is a great choice.