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May 21, 2012 12:55 PM

Red Wine for a Dr. Loosen Riesling Gray Slate Mosel Drinker


I am a novice white wine drinker for the most part and really enjoy Dr. Loosen. I find it to be sweet and fruity tasting and very good!! I have tried reds and always seem to not like them because they were "too dry" not "sweet" enough or left a "bitter" taste in my mouth. I want to further my wine drinking and get into "REDS" as my partner is pushing me to try more reds. I was hoping to get some help here in breaking into Red Wines that were sweet/fruity in taste. I choose to say Dr. Loosen Riesling Gray Slate Mosel so you get an idea of the type of wine i like. I do enjoy most Dr. Loosens i have found in my local stores, which reminds me any suggestions if they could be commonly found around would be great. Thank you Very Much!! Jon

  1. Lol. I better reply before they move this and I can't find it again.

    Reisling is my favorite wine as well. There is no red wine that I find similar, but I have learned to enjoy a few tuscan reds in a much different way. If you find something, post about it so I can try it too.

    1. I would recomend beaujolais nuveau ( not sure on the spelling) Pinot noirs or zinfandels.

      1. Since there's already another thread like this in progress here on the Wine board, we're going to lock this one.