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May 21, 2012 12:33 PM

In Seattle for the first time with a baby!

My husband and I will be visiting Seattle for a week with our 9 month old baby. We have rented a condo in capital hill so will likely be doing quite a bit of cooking there but are also looking to eat out a bit. We are looking for the best markets to get our groceries from and also the places that will let us bring a baby with us to eat. We are looking to eat the best that seattle has to offer that will allow a small child. She is incredibly well behaved in restaurants (better than at our own house) but I was not sure if even some of the places we were looking at would have a high chair. We want to do some amazing seafood, italian, some delicious pork and just the all around best that seattle has to offer for a young couple and their baby. Please help as we are leaving this week! All of the sites I have seen have suggestions for best restaurants for kids to run around in but our kid will not be running around and does not need a play area either. We will most likely be eating out more during the lunch hour than at dinner time. Thanks!

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  1. Vios, at 19th Ave E & E Aloha St, is part restaurant and part romper-room and good with kids of all ages. There's a Sunday farmer's market right in front of Seattle Central Community College, at Broadway Ave. E. and E. Pine St. Another is at Pike Place, which is a classic browse (no chain stores except Starbuck's #1). Big John's PFI, at 1001 6th Avenue S, will fill a morning, though a quick dash could get you charcuterie, cheeses, and pasta in a flash. While you're on the hill, a stair-climb up the Volunteer Park water tower has one of the top views in town.

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      As a father of a one year old and a restaurant professional, I say as long as you kid is well behaved any restaurant should be a go. I'm not recommending taking them to Canlis or the few(and Ii mean few) other uber fine dining establishments,but in general this city is pretty casual, call your choice ahead of time and you will be suprised how many folks do have high chairs. Good luck