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May 21, 2012 12:20 PM

First night in Italy, dinner suggestions in Positano?

1st post on this board, VERY excited about our trip to Italy in Late August/early September. 1st stop is 4 nights in Positano. We fly into Rome ~ 9:30 am from the US, then train to Naples, car to Positano (staying at Hotel Marincanto). Hoping to be there ~ 2 or 3pm. I'm looking for a great "1st night" meal. Knowing we'll be tired, I want a restaurant that will keep us awake.... maybe a fabulous sunset view or good music... and memorable food. Suggestions? Thanks!!

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  1. Here's a few restaurants we ate in when we visited Positano in 2010.

    For your first night Buca di Bacco is a great introduction to Positano.
    It's situated right on the harbour facing the water, across from the Collegiata di Santa Maria Assunta, near your Hotel. You can easily walk there. It's an old school hotel/restaurant. Established 1912. Reserve a table at the outside edge of terrazza overlooking the beach. My wife had the gnocchi, pomodros, mozzerella - to die for - gnocchi melted in mouth. Great cheesyness to the plate. I had Polpette al ragu napoletano, delicious big meatballs in a dark pomodoro sauce. So good. Dolce was perfecto!

    We ate at Da Vincenzo our first night in town.
    Vincenzo was a very nice host and made us feel welcome. Location is typical Positano, outside seats are at edge of road, traffic crawling past. Food was awesome! Antipasti included grilled octupus & artichoke, stuffed peppers, pomodoro e mozzarella buffalo. We both had the Orata as our main course.

    il Ritrovo
    We took the restuarant supplied shuttle bus up up up to Montepertuso, overlooking Positano, to a cute restuarant terrazza. Family run place. So much great food! Antipasti sampler plate loaded with salumi, chesses & beards. Wife had spagghetini e pompodorini, then melanzana parmigiana. I had a mixed plate of 20 different foods, peppers, egglants, fried chesses, followed by baked rigitoni pasta. Dolci was a Chef's cake - a chocolate bomb with cookie & creme!
    The food was delicious and the setting was magical.

    If you make it over to Capri.
    Catch of the day is the way to go.

    And if you make it out of your side of Positano to the Fornillo neighbourhood.
    Best meal of our stay, and in an enchanting setting, with excellent service.
    Antipasti of warm goat cheese on greens, veggie strudel, pumkin wrapped cheese. Steak with patate and grilled King Prawns for mains.
    Dolci - creme brule & pineapple crepes.

    "Da Asporto" is an alien concept in most of Italy. Too many great restaurants & cafes, why would you want to "take out"
    "DELIKATESSIN" is a reason to! This wicked grocery store features fresh pastas, salads, etc. Definitely a place to check out.
    It's just up a few stairs from la Zagara. Your DOLCI place in town!

    Hope this makes your trip more enjoyable! Have fun & stay cool!

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      WOW! What great info. Several of your recommendations were on my list, but have now moved to the top. I appreciate your advice so much! Kathey

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      1. We had dinner our first night at Tre Sorelle right on the beach and it was perfect. We didn't want anything fancy, just good with a more casual vibe. We had great pizza and appetizers and it was fun people watching and listening to the waves. It was perfect for our first night in Positano.

        I also highly recommend lunch one day at Da Adolfo. Read a great post about it on