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May 21, 2012 11:38 AM

Any suggestions for my first time to Seattle?

I will be headed to Seattle for the first time on Sat May 2nd with my wife, 20 month old daughter, mother, and mother-in-law. We will arrive from DFW at approximately 10 a.m. and are taking an Alaskan cruise on Sunday. So I guess I would like recommendations on a lunch and dinner venue for Saturday and possibly a breakfast/brunch recommendation for Sunday. We are staying downtown at the Fairmont Hotel and are not planning on renting a car for the day. Things that are close are great, but I would be happy to take a cab for a "can't miss" meal. We definately want to have seafood for one of the meals (I have to find good dungeness crab for my mom and my wife loves salmon).

I know that this has been covered before, but as you know resteraunts change. I'd hate to go to a place that was great last year, but has tanked since it's chef left.

While your at it, any suggestions of fun things to do in down town Seattle would also be appreciated.

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  1. Walk throught the Pike Place Market for lunch. There are a number of good restaurants in or near the market, or you could just graze from one end to the other! There's a number of threads on the Market if you do a search.

    1. blueacre seafood restaurant (7th/olive; 5 minute stroll from fairmont) has a saturday brunch with, in addition to their always excellent seafood choices (superb crab and salmon dishes), the BEST BUTTERMILK BISCUITS ON THE PLANET. these are available only at brunch and worth a special trip. pike pllace market is always a great place for browsing/grazing but has begun its annual weekend tourist takeover.

      1. you may not be getting a lot of replies cuz your post says you'll be here May 2nd (which has passed) but I think you meant June 2nd? So peeps he still needs suggestions....

        Hmm, I dont do a lot of eating around the Fairmont hotel / downtown area....

        Marination Station for kahlua pork sliders and beef tacos, so good, really quality food. I don't know what style to call it, 'korean/american/mex" ?

        Zippy's in West Seattle for juicy burgers with a char-grilled flavor.

        Cupcake Royale for something sweet, the traditional flavors and specialties like tiramisu, etc.

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          You are correct MrsYummy, I completely messed up the date. I will be there on June 2nd, not May. Thanks for catching that. I'll check out Marination Station"s menu and I'm sure my daughter will love Cupcake Royale. Not really looking for a burger (I'm all burgered-out after finding Tim Love's Love Shack in Fort Worth). Thanks Howard for your reply as well.