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May 21, 2012 11:32 AM

ISO brand of good, whole wheat pasta

I hear they've gotten better. Any brands you can recommend?

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  1. There are many regional brands of both whole wheat pasta and whole grain blends. You really need to check the labels for specific ingredients and nutritional value. Healthy Harvest is tasty and might be nationally available. I found to my surprise that the store brand at my supermarket, which used to be terrible, is now excellent. Of course, generics like that are made by big-name corporations. I also like soba noodles, which are a blend of buckwheat and wheat.

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      I actually prefer (and digest better) the Kamut pasta (Kamut is just an ancient strain of wheat). Artisan brand makes most pasta shapes. I can find it at most supermarkets now. Not sure if it is Canadian or US though.

    2. I have yet to try them, as my pantry is full of regular pasta and I've been cutting back on making it. (Talk about difficult!), but Cook's Illustrated Taste Tests have three they "Recommend"...note NOT Highly Recommend.
      Bionaturae Organic 100% Whole Wheat Spaghetti
      Heartland Perfect Balance Spaghetti

      Only the first one is 100% whole wheat.
      Barilla Plus Multigrain Spaghetti

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        yea, I use the Barilla, and its fine. OP is right, much much better than it was the first time I every tried whole wheat pasta.

      2. They have gotten better.

        The two readily available versions we like are the De Cecco spirals (not the other shapes, which are worse) and the Whole Foods 360 private label small elbows. The elbows are the best and sneak into a lot of the foods for the kids.

        Some health-orientated schools have had good luck witht he Barilla Plus line which includes more fiber and protein. It is also a lower in carbs. But I haven't heard it because I am more interested in whole wheat for the kiddos.

        1. If you don't insist on whole wheat alone, Trader Joe's has a great multigrain pasta. I also buy the Barilla pastas - whole wheat and multigrain - all the time. Whole wheat pasta is leaps and bounds better than it was 20 years ago.